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Water Solutions International Ltd.

 Providing Sustainable Solutions for Municipal & Industrial Water & Wastewater


Water Solutions International Limited (WSI) was established to provide specialist water engineering and project management services to the Middle and Far East End-users and their consultants.

Its shareholders and partners have been actively involved in providing process design and project management expertise in the UK and the International Water Industry for the last 30 years.


WSI offers a range of consultancy services to water utilities, developers and water operators:


    • - Pre-feasibility studies including techno-commercial optioneering
      - Feasibility studies with optimal technical solutions and financial modeling
      - Process design services for water, wastewater and sludge treatment
      - Process and plant design optimization and control
      - Independent design verification/technology evaluation
      - Water footprint management including Water reuse and wastewater recycling strategies
      - Regulatory compliance strategies
      - Risk assessment studies
      - Sludge treatment and disposal strategies
      - Project Management Services including contract formulation, preparation of bid documents, bid evaluation,
        construction supervision, and commissioning
      - Institutional development, training, business processes and change management. 
      - Training in water and wastewater treatment, management, and O&M


    Plant Performance Audits

    WSI offers detailed independent process audits on municipal and industrial effluent, sewage treatment, and RO desalination plant. Its experts visit and carry out a detailed onsite survey and submit an impartial audit report covering areas such as asset condition, risk analysis, plant behavior and performance under different operational regimes.


    Performance Enhancement Studies

    A detailed survey can highlight inefficiencies in the plant operation and distribution systems. There is usually a great potential to improve the efficiency of the plant and processes, increasing productivity and the bottom line.


    WSI through its O&M experts can carry out Enhancement Studies and suggest ways of improving plant performance, reducing energy costs, and increasing productivity.  Dynamic modeling of water and wastewater treatment plants is carried out using latest software. Pressure control in water distribution networks is simulated using hydraulic modeling which enables background leakage to be controlled effectively.  


    Environmental Compliance Services

    WSI through its partners provides a specialist range of consultancy and training services to clients operating in the Industrial sectors.

    Our aim is to assist our clients with achieving and maintaining environmental regulatory compliance and personal safety within the workplace.

    We work with professional experts who have the necessary skills and experience required to provide businesses with an effective and quality assured service to match any of Client's requirements and expectations.



    In association with leading UK institutions, WSI can offer a range of high quality Water and Sewage Treatment Training Courses specifically for engineers, utility managers and water treatment professionals. Each training course is tailor made to provide a practical and cost effective training solution.


    Our courses have been developed by team of highly experienced engineers, chemists, water treatment and training professionals. The materials included in each course are designed to offer practical advice and support and cover a range of issues including water sources and uses, water chemistry water sampling and analysis procedures, industry applications, boiler and cooling water system treatment, reverse osmosis, effluent and wastewater treatments, chemical applications, chemical dosing and control systems, as well as training in HSE for water operators.